Balance your pH with Alka®

Compensate for the acidifying effects of daily life with Alka®. Alka® products have been designed especially to actively remove acid waste from your body.  Alka® products can be taken on their own or can be combined with one another. This means you can intensify de-acidification of your body more or less depending on your circumstances and lifestyle. Alka® products can be taken periodically but lend themselves for daily use.

De-acidifying with Alka® is about enjoying an active life in a responsible way!

When to use which Alka® product to de-acidify?

Suffering from problems due to acidification?

Alka® Drops, Alka® Tabs and Alka® Calcium Tabs are alkalizing products that increase the alkaline buffer of sodium bicarbonate in the body. If you already experience problems due to acidification, it is advisable to use these products. With Alka® Drops you need to drink five glasses of water with 3 drops daily. If you are unable to drink five glasses of water daily, it is also possible to use Alka® Drops in combination with Alka® Tabs, Alka® Tabs Magnesium or Alka® Tabs Calcium.

To further intensify the de-acidification process you can use Alka® Tea, Alka® Bath and Alka® Greens. By drinking alkalizing herbal Alka® Tea acids are removed more quickly. Alka® Tea contains the full spectrum of elements which effectively de-acidifies the body. Its balanced herbal composition means you can enjoy Alka® Tea every day.

Adding Alka® Bath to your bathwater gives it a pH value of 8.5. The pressure of osmosis through the skin draws acid waste out from the body. It neutralizes and renews old, acidic layers of skin.

A glass of Alka® Greens every day protects your body from acidification. Alkaline nutrient supplements neutralize acid waste without the body depleting minerals from the bones and skin. With Alka® Greens, you will no longer need your current vitamin and mineral supplements. Start your day with a serving of Alka® Greens to ensure your body has all the alkaline nutrients that it needs to stay healthy.

Mild acidification problems?

If you have mild acidification problems, and you want to stay healthy, or the initial de-acidification problems are already reduced, you can choose any product or products that suits your situation to de-acidify.

How to combine Alka® products?

By using multiple Alka® products to intensify the de-acidification process you can by combine or alternate between Alka® products.

Examples of how to use Alka® products daily / weekly :

  1. After waking up a glass of water with 3 drops of Alka® Drops
  2. Just before breakfast a glass of Alka® Greens. Followed by a (light) breakfast.
  3. After breakfast, 1 tablet of Alka® Tabs Original, Alka® Tabs Magnesium, or Alka® Tabs Calcium
  4. During the day 2 to 4 cups of Alka® Tea.
  5. During the day 2 to 5 glasses of water with Alka® Drops (on an as empty as possible stomach)
  6. After dinner, a tablet of Alka® Tabs Original or Alka® Tabs Magnesium, or Alka® Tabs Calcium
  7. During the evening 1 cup of Alka® Tea with 4 drops of Alka® Drops.
  8. 2 or 3 times a week a footbath with Alka® Bath
  9. 1 or 2 times a week a relaxing full bath with Alka® Bath
  10. Before going to bed a glass of water with 3 drops of Alka® Drops

If you use different Alka® products daily, you can modify the amounts to de-acidify.

Examples of combinations are:

  1. 3 glasses of water with Alka® Drops, 2 Alka® Tabs*
  2. 3 glasses of water with Alka® Drops, 1 glass of Alka® Greens, 3 cups of Alka® Tea
  3. 2 glasses of water with Alka® Drops, 1 glass of Alka® Greens, 1 Alka® Tabs*, 4 cups of Alka® Tea
  4. 3 tablets Alka® Tabs*, 5 cups of Alka® Tea
  5. 2 glasses of Alka® Greens, 2 Alka® Tabs*

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