Top 25 most alkaline foods

Acidification of the body is caused by medication, stress, excessive exercise and wrong nutrition. De-acidification initially asks for the use of alkaline products. However, your diet also affects the de-acidification process. This does not mean that you cannot eat your favorite steak anymore and that you have to start eating celery, however a slight lifestyle adjustment will not hurt.

Do I eat alkaline?ph balance

According to the guidelines, an 80-20 ratio is the best. That is, 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods. However, in practice this is almost impossible. In our Western society almost all food has been processed and prepacked (e.g. ready-to-eat meals). Therefore we believe in a 60-20 ratio, provided you combine it with daily active de-acidification.

A lesson in de-acidification

Before we reveal the top 25 most alkaline foods, we want to explain the concept ‘alkaline’.
A short lesson in de-acidification:
When we are born, we consist of 70% water and 30% of minerals and trace elements. These amounts decrease as we grow older and your body produces more acid waste. The body can neutralize and dispose these acids through the excretory organs. However, not all waste can be discharged, whereby some acidic residues remain in the body.

The remedy for acidification is de-acidification. The body de-acidifies when it ingests alkaline food and is treated with alkaline products. Examples of alkaline products are alkaline drops that control the pH value of drinking water, alkaline tablets and alkaline crème. An alkaline lifestyle contributes to a healthier life.

Alkaline? No: Alkaline!

A coke may taste sweet, but it is extremely acidic for the body. Biting into a lemon causes an acidic taste in the mouth, still after it is burned by the body it is slightly alkaline. Acid in acidification does not say something about the taste of a product. It says something about the extent to which the product is acidic to the body.

Top 25alkaline foods

The basis of de-acidifying is the usage of de-acidification products. These are special products like alkaline drops, alkaline bath salt and alkaline tea. In addition to these alkaline products, you must try to eat more alkaline foods. The most alkaline foods are:

25. Spinach
24. Garlic
23. Celery
22. Tomato
21. Lettuce
20. Broccoli
19. Fresh endive
18. Avocado
17. Black radish
16. Kale
15. Cayenne pepper
14. Fennel
13. Common horsetail
12. Cattle grass
11. Raisins
10. Soybeans
9. Kamut grass
8. Chia seed
7. Barley grass
6. Alfalfa
5. Bean sprouts
4. Cucumber
3. Wheatgrass
2. Pure soya lecithin
1. Radish



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